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Copyright infringement

We respect the rights of authors of commercials on the site and copyright holders. A user who uploads a work to FlipBell must act lawfully within the framework of Indian law. When we receive a notice of copyright infringement, we quickly remove the illegally posted content.

If you find a work on FlipBell whose rights to use belong to you or to whose official representative you are, please let us know via a special form available at the link ( ). Do not forget to take into account the provisions of the Rules for the consideration of applications of copyright holders (and / or a person authorized by the copyright holder) related to the placement by users of content on the website (

As a rule, to remove illegally posted materials we will need:

The full list of necessary information required, as well as the full procedure for filing an application for copyright infringement, can be found in the special Rules for the consideration of applications of copyright holders ( ).

1. Data on the work for which you or the person who authorized you have copyright and related rights: full name, year of creation / exit, author / director, etc.

2. The full URL of the FlipBell page on which the video is posted. If there are multiple videos, provide links to all pages.

3. Description of how your rights were violated (for example, a soundtrack was copied, a video is a copy of your work, etc.).

4. A statement that: one). You represent and confirm the violation of copyright and related rights,

2). You are the owner of copyright and related rights or you are a legitimate authorized representative of a person whose rights have been violated in connection with the unlawful placement of this work, and you have the right to carry out activities to protect this right.

5. Copies of title documents, including a power of attorney issued to you by the copyright holder, if you are not (rental certificate, license agreement, national film certificate, etc.)

6. Contact information (name, email address, phone number, position, organization).

After receiving a notification of a violation of your rights, the moderation service will check the data sent and promptly delete the illegally posted materials.