Technical Issues

Reporting Video Playback Issue

Before sending a message, see if you can find the answer to your question in the list of typical problems:

The video is played in jerks, it constantly gets on the download or stopped playing, the stub appeared

Often a problem arises due to an unstable internet connection. It’s rare, but it happens that the speed declared by the provider differs from the actual connection speed to the FlipBell servers. Then your complaint will be very useful and help to solve a similar problem with your neighbors :) You can check the speed of connection to FlipBell servers using a special program .

More often it happens that when assessing the speed of your Internet connection, it is not taken into account: the number of devices using your Internet connection at that moment and the amount of traffic that the device is currently using (opening many tabs, background processes). It is believed that a comfortable video viewing is possible with a stable connection at a speed of at least 500 Kbps.

Think about whether someone can use your Internet connection to watch videos or online games in parallel with you? Are there many tabs and applications open on your device right now?

Video playback did not start, a dummy appeared

Here the whole point in the text is a stub :)

"The video is not available in your country by decision of the copyright holder"

A frequent situation. Not always the copyright holder has the right to display content worldwide. To determine the region, we use the data of one (of two :) universally recognized specialized services. The accuracy of determining the region is quite high, but it happens that the provider for some reason does not register the region correctly. Incorrect definition of the region can be affected by the use of vpn, proxy, as well as acceleration modes in browsers.

Check if your VPN is turned on? Or browser acceleration mode? Maybe you are connected to the network through a proxy server?
"Video is not available for viewing on this domain"

Alas, the world is not perfect and the copyright holder does not always have rights to display content on any site :(

If the stub contains a link to an authorized resource, try watching the video on it.
"The author decided to hide the video from public access"

It happens if the author decided to remove the video from public access. Sometimes it happens that the author accidentally added a hidden video to his website and forgot to make it available. If you personally know the author - write to him about such a "jamb."

If the description of typical errors does not help to cope with the problem, send an appeal to our support. Please note that debugging information will be automatically added to the application, which will help our specialists quickly figure out the problem and not ask you too many questions!

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Copyright Infringement

Report violation of copyright and / or related rights

We respect the rights of authors of commercials on the site and copyright holders. A user who uploads a work to FlipBell must act lawfully within the framework of Indian law. After receiving the correct notification of copyright infringement, we quickly remove the illegally posted content.

If you find a work on FlipBell whose rights to use belong to you or to whose official representative you are, please let us know via the form below .

Information to remove illegal content

1. Data on the work for which you or the person who authorized you have copyright and related rights: full name, year of creation / exit, author / director, etc.

2. The full URL of the FlipBell page on which the video is posted. If there are multiple videos, provide links to all pages.

Please note that applications containing links NOT to the videos will not be processed.

3. Description of how your rights were violated (for example, a soundtrack was copied, a video is a copy of your work, etc.).

4. A statement that: 1). You assure and confirm the violation of copyright and related rights, 2). You are the owner of copyright and related rights or you are a legitimate authorized representative of a person whose rights have been violated in connection with the unlawful placement of this work, and you have the right to carry out activities to protect this right.

3. Description of how your rights were violated (for example, a soundtrack was copied, a video is a copy of your work, etc.).

5. Copies of title documents, including a power of attorney issued to you by the copyright holder, if you are not (rental certificate, license agreement, national film certificate, etc.)

6. Contact information (name, email address, phone number, position, organization).

After receiving a notification of a violation of your rights, the moderation service will check the data sent and promptly delete the illegally posted materials.

Inappropriate Content Report

We respect the rights and opinions of both the authors of the videos and the viewers. And, of course, we expect that every video uploaded to FlipBell does not violate the User Agreement and the laws of the India. However, this does not always happen (or new Laws appear :).

If you find a product on FlipBell with inappropriate (in your opinion) content, report it via the form below.

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Report violation of copyright and / or related rights

Video distribution system

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