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New method to learn English!

Published on 05 Jun 2018 / In Science & Technology

Learn about the method I recommend for learning English!

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*** English Lesson Notes / transcript: ***

If you’ve watched some of my other videos about teaching English you already know that I like to teach English as it is spoken by native speakers.

A lot of traditional language schools teach using English that is abnormally slow and clear. And sometimes they only teach formal English. And they spend too much time with boring grammar exercises.

I call this Fake Fluency. Because you will learn some English with it, but you won’t reach Real Fluency.

To reach Real Fluency you need to learn Real English as it is spoken in Real Life – fast with connected and reduced speech using slang, idioms and phrasal verbs that you may not have learned yet. In casual conversation we don’t always follow all the rules, use correct grammar or even speak in complete sentences.

So in my videos I don’t usually talk as slow as some English teachers. Because you won’t learn how to understand native speakers if the only English you hear is abnormally slow and clear. You need to be able to listen to and understand Real English.

If it is difficult to understand me in my videos, I usually have text on the screen that you can read. Following along with text is especially helpful to develop the listening skill of understanding connected and reduced speech of native speakers. Repeating and shadowing what you hear will help you with listening and also help you to develop better intonation and stress while speaking English.

I suggest that to improve your listening and speaking skills that you use my LLRS method:
1) Listen while reading
2) Listen without reading
3) Repeat
4) Shadow

Let’s go over that in more detail.

What you need for this method:
- recordings in English that are either mp3’s or videos. I have recordings in my courses that you can use or you can use youtube videos.
- the recordings need to have text or a transcript to go with it.
- you can start with slower recordings if you need to, but as quickly as you can you should use recordings that are from native speakers talking at a faster, more normal speed.
- a way to stop or pause between sentences or phrases.

1) Listen while reading
a) First test if you can completely understand what is being said without looking at the words. If you can, go to step 2.
b) Listen to the recording while reading along with the words.
c) Repeat a few times until you understand much better.

2) Listen without reading
a) Listen to the recording without looking at the words
b) Listen a few times. If it still isn’t clear, then go back to step 1

Only repeat steps 1 and 2 a few times a day. Then move on to step 3

3) Repeat
a) listen to a phrase or sentence and repeat what you heard as best you can.
b) pay special attention to the stress and intonation and repeat again.

4) Shadow
a) try to say the phrase or sentence along with the recording.
- this step might be really hard for you, but just do the best you can. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

5) (Optional) Try recording yourself saying the phrase or sentence and check how close you sound like the recording.

Then repeat this entire process again and again with new recordings. Once a or month, depending upon how much time you have to study, go back and review the recordings you studied with before, to see how you are progressing.

Want to try this method with a sample from one of my courses? Click here to try it out [point to video – end screen]
Or you can watch other videos in this play list or learn some phrasal verbs and idioms or learn more about how to learn English
Goodbye, and remember with Hope anything is possible!

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