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Eggless Chocolate croissant without oven :bauli croissant easy recipe in hindi

Published on 08 Jul 2018 / In Fashion & Beauty

Eggless Chocolate croissant without oven :bauli croissant easy recipe in hindi
Croissant is a popular snacks, very popular among children..
All purpose flour 150gm
Yeast 1tspn
Warm milk 100ml
Sugar 1.5 tblspn
Butter 2tblspn
Salt a pinch

At first add the yeast and sugar to the warm milk and keep it aside covered for fermentation..
After 10min make a soft dough with the fermented yeast and flour along with salt . keep tht aside for at least 1hour to raise it.
After 1hour knead the raised dough along with 1tspn butter.. And make some same sized balls..
Take 1ball, make it flat with the help of a roller. (like a chapati). Brush it with butter.. Again flat a another ball and keep it just on top of the butter brushed chapati.. Repeat the same thing with all the balls..
After that keep them in the fridge for 1hour to set them..

After 1hour take them out.. And dust the floor with flour to flat them as a big chapati..
Cut them like pizza pieces.. Take 1pc and give a small cut from the wide edge.. Put some chocolate there and roll it like croissant (watch the video for betterment)
Put the croissant in a oil greased plate or tray. And keep them in a warm place for raising up again 30min..
Preheat the oven for 10min. Brush the croissant with milk and bake them for 20-30min or until they get a nice colour..
Make them cool and demould them.. And serve them with chocolate sauce..

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