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How to Co-Parent Cohesively | Psych in 60

Published on 26 Jun 2018 / In Science & Technology

How to Co-Parent Cohesively | Psych in 60 Cohesive Parenting while divorced can be challenging. However, you can be unified in your parenting after you are divorced.

What is co-parenting?

Co-Parenting is when two people can put their difference aside and come to an agreement of creating parenting strategies for both households that will be impactful for the child or children involved.

There are certain pitfalls that you want to avoid to successfully co-parent, such as avoiding parental alienation.

A bad spouse does not equal an inadequate parent.

Work together to make your own rules. There are no specific rules to follow. Each situation is unique and comes with its own challenges, but the overall idea is to be realistic and positive.

Co-Parenting benefits the child. Having both parents involved is advantageous to both you and your child.

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