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Aval vilayichathu Recipe

Chiru Kitchen
Published on 15 May 2018 / In People & Blogs

Aval vilayichathu Poha is a traditional Kerala cuisine. In Kerala temples aval vilayichathu is sometimes offered as ‘prasadam’. Very easy to make and have great taste too.

Aval | Poha| flattened rice - 500 gm

Jaggery - 750 gm

water - 3/4 cup

coconut - 2 (6cups)

cardamom - 1 1/2 tsp


sesame seed


Ghee - 3 Tbs


Take a saucepan and melt jaggery with 3/4 cup of water. Filter the jaggery to a bowl. Keep it aside.

In a pan dry roast the Aval| Poha for 5 minutes. keep it aside. Next heat the grated coconut for 5 minutes and add jaggery syrup into it. Pass the cardamom powder into it and add the Poha| Aval into it. Stir well and mix the ingredients. Switch off the flame.

Take another pan and add ghee to roast chickpeas, cashews and sesame seeds. Pour this roasted nuts to the Poha| Aval with ghee. Mix it well and let it cool.

Tasty aval vilayichathu is ready to serve.

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