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This 2 Minutes' Video Will Definitely Change Your Life || Mufti Menk

Published on 30 Jun 2018 / In Education

Important Things Every Muslim needs:

1) Portable Travel Prayer Mat : http://amzn.to/2EKwZ8X

2) Sunnah Miswak (Natural tooth Brush) : http://amzn.to/2BNDm8A

Must Read Books for Muslims :

1)The Quran in English,

2) The Sealed Nectar (Prophet's Biography),

3)Enjoy Your life by Dr Muhammad Al Arefe,

4) Don't Be sad by Aaidh Al Qarni,

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Mufti Ismail Ibn Musa Menk (Mufti Menk) was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. He is an scholar and student of knowledge who is trying to teach Islam to everyone in a beautiful way. Please share whatever you find beneficial with others by clicking "share" so as to reap the reward of spreading goodness. Mufti Ismail Menk travels around the world to inspire the muslims and non Muslims and tries to bring them closer to their creator.

???? His contact info:
www.instagram.com/muftimenkofficial www.youtube.com/muftimenkrox www.majlis-zimbabwe.org www.facebook.com/muftimenk http://www.muftimenk.com/

???? Please Note: This channel is not affiliated with Mufti Menk in any way shape or form. A group of his fans tries to upload and share his reminders to everyone.

????PLEASE NOTE: ????This channel doesn't Support & Advocate any unlawful activity towards any individual or community.????

Mufti Menk Lectures channel is maintained by his fans. We update daily Mufti Menk Reminders and Mufti Menk Videos. We will upload all the new videos of Mufti Menk 2017 and new videos of Mufti Menk 2018. Updates of Mufti Menk will continue.

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