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Published on 12 Jul 2018 / In Music

NAS - NASIR REACTION/REVIEW (Jungle Beats) Half a decade later since his latest release, NAS blesses us with his 11th studio album, NASIR. There are so many reasons why we love this album. Kanye's production fits with NAS's tone and storytelling seamlessly. Every track paints a vivid picture interlacing NAS’s life with the listeners. He speaks heavily on the worlds sociopolitical issues beyond the superficial. He makes you care about what he cares about with his engaging annunciation and passionate delivery. While NAS has you hanging off every word, Kanye et al paints the fitting sonic color pallet to set the scene. This really is rhythm and poetry and its finest.
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Jungle Beats aspires to be Australia’s plug to the best most prolific and unique hiphop artists in the world. @AlexanderMann & @AlexSandalis host one of Australia's few, and best HipHop podcast shows. Jungle Beats is purely about creatively sharing our love for music and hiphop with energy, positivity and passion. We started this in 2015 with a weekly 1 hour hiphop show on a radio station in Melbourne, Australia and in August 2016 we decided to create Jungle Beats. To us, Australia doesn't have a strong hiphop identity within culture. Who do you think of when you think hiphop in Australia? Most think of 99 people OUTSIDE of this country. Maybe we can change that in some small way and push it forward. Jungle Beats is not what either of us focus the majority of our time on. Working on Jungle Beats Media is side hustle of ours, so it’s not going to be perfect. It’s gonna be messy, haphazard and we’re gonna fuck up. But that’s music and we love it. Thank you for choosing to supporting us.

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