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Understanding how Arousal Works

Published on 19 May 2018 / In People & Blogs

Since women don't experience erections in the obvious way men do..how do you know when she's turned on? The female sexual response cyle has many similarities to men but a few key differences I'd like to highlight in this video #1 difference is length of time.


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Transcript Welcome to : The female sexual arousal pattern explained… BUT for purposes of click bait: how women get horny
LIL montage on getting freaky for the camera.
Alright now that we have gotten that out of the way – let’s dive right in shall we
Master’s and Johnson created a super comprehensive sexual response model that we are going to use today. It explains the act of sex in four parts: excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution. For today’s video we are only focusing on the first two: excitement and plateau
Throw back to getting freaky clip
Sorry I’m only doing that because my YouTube analtics tell me the audience doesn’t like too many smart words in a row.
During the excitement phase a woman sees something or someone attractive. Consider a female in the wild who sees her crush across the meadow. At this point her pupils may dilate, heart rate increases, her skin will flush, lips may deepen in color – this rush reduces cognitive thinking which is why in this phase we often say and do things a little out of the ordinary
Now most of us may experience excitement phase several times a day but usually – nothing goes down so that’s that.
When we actually engage with another is when things start to get interesting
Freaky montage clip
During plateau phase when a woman starts to get really worked up the glands around the opening of the vagina and inside of the canal begin to secrete a dense mucus-like substance, fun fact women who slef pleasure will note this is why you usually have to pull fluid from the hole to the hot button when scratching the record. – not so fun fact – this is the fluids in which sexually transmitted fluids are passed through which is why protection even prior to penetration is important. During this time the nipples also become erect and most importantly the vaginal canal lengthens sometimes to approximately 8 inches and the muscle relaxes. Moving onto terrible diagram # 2 I’d like to talk about the clitoris. Lil known fact is that women also have both erectile tissue AND foreskin. When a women is aroused the clitoral hood which is the skin covering the clitoris, peels back to expose the larger/ erect clitoris
This is because sex for an unhorny woman is painful: it’s dry, tight and the cervix is hanging too low.
Which is why songs like The Dream’s annoy the fuck outta me –
While men can be physically prepared for sex in a matter of seconds, women can take up to 20 minutes to be aroused enough to get the most out of and enjoy the experience in order to get to the orgasm phase – which we con’t cover in this video.

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