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Top 8 Natural Cures For Heart Burn | How to Naturally Cure Heart Burn

Published on 16 Jun 2018 / In How-to & Style

Top 8 Natural Cures For Heart Burn | How to Naturally Cure Heart Burn
Remember the last time you attended your cousin’s wedding and had the tasty biryani along with naan and chicken do pyaaza. You topped it with golgappas and ice cream. The result? A kind of a burning sensation in your chest reaching right up to your throat as the acids in the stomach reach the oesophagus, thus causing the burning feeling. This is called the condition of heartburn, which is often caused by overeating. The worst culprits that cause heartburn are fatty and oily dishes, tomatoes, caffeine, alcohol, and many others. This article will inform you about some natural remedies that aid in curing heartburn. So, the next time you go at a wedding and have those high calorie dishes, remember you have a sure shot remedy that you can try back at home if you are hit by heartburn.
Top 8 Natural Cures For Heart Burn.
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