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⚽ SOCCER Strike ⚽( New Game )

Published on 05 Jun 2018 / In Gaming

Miniclip Soccer strike by miniclip. I just started playing this game. Seems fun. I feel like it's a bit like basketball stars and it has those gears too. I did pretty good for being my first game. I started this one first because I'm almost to my with video for 8 pool and I want to see how that goes with the audience. And if I feel like playing it again I'll go back to it. There's so many games to play so. In know Miniclip allows monetization with their games even if your not doing a walkthrough or teaching something. But in other games you have to or else you can't monetizes, so that's why I want to finish all the Miniclip games. Reach to 20th videos each game and move on

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