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I was wrong about crate keys all along.... (video evidence proved me wrong)

Published on 30 May 2018 / In Gaming

Minecraft Factions: I was wrong about crate keys all along.... (video evidence proved me wrong)

What is Minecraft Factions? Minecraft Factions is a Minecraft game mode where you work together with friends and create a team -- or faction that fights against other factions on the server! On my Minecraft Factions server (Velt) land is claimed by factions (your team) and made unbreakable by other players on the server unless they are a member in your faction! However, when a member of your faction dies the "DTR" (Deaths till raidable) of your faction drops by one point. Whenever a factions DTR drops to zero or below that faction goes raidable and any player or faction member on the server can loot and grief that factions base! For example say a factions DTR was at 2.00, this faction would be protected from other players and factions on the server, however if a member of this faction died the DTR of the faction would drop to 1.00, if another faction member died this factions DTR would drop to 0.00 making them completely unprotected from raiders! Any faction or player on the server could now destroy this factions land! This Minecraft Factions gamemode is often called HCF, or Hardcore Factions. If you want to play some HCF (Hardcore factions) with me and many other YouTubers join my HCF factions server VeltPvP.com!

Be sure to join me (lolitsalex), PainfulPvP, Meezoid, Zigy, DJTasty and many other huge Youtubers on my Minecraft Factions server Velt HCF! New factions maps release EVERY SATURDAY at 10AM PST // 1PM EST! I announce what factions servers I am going to be playing on Twitter every week! Follow me there (link below!)

The IP to my Minecraft Factions server is "VeltPvP.com"

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