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Everything You Need To Know About The Ace Family! | Austin Mcbroom Facts | Catherine Paiz Facts

Published on 27 Jun 2018 / In Comedy

Everything You Need To Know About The Ace Family! | Austin Mcbroom Facts | Catherine Paiz Facts Hope You Enjoyed This Ace Family Video! Remember To Like It & Share The Video With Everyone who watches The Ace Family!!

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Here's the script :
Welcome to World’s Best Videos, we’ve compiled a list of facts about the ace family that you probably didn’t know! Lets get into it…

Catherine Paiz was born on August 24th,1990 and she is from Montreal Canada.
She is a Fitness model and Instagram sensation with more than 700 thousand followers.
Austin McBroom was born on May 20th,1993 and he is from Palmdale California.
He has a degree in communications and played guard on the basketball team.
He attended three universities which are, Central Michigan University Saint Louis University, and then graduated Eastern Washington University.
While attending Campbell Hall School he also played football and baseball.
They both knew each other for years before ever hanging out in person.
Catherine moved to Los Angeles and was at a party one night and Austin was there too.
They officially met in person at the party but she left early so they didn’t end up talking for a couple months.
Austin ended up messaging her asking her out on a date.
She said she doesn’t ever go out on dates but she felt a weird feeling and felt like the universe was telling her to go.
They both ended up going to the restaurant “Nobu” and the rest is history!
They now have a beautiful daughter named Elle
Catherine came up with the name for their daughter!
Catherine recalls that when she was 16 she was watching TV and she thought of the name “Elle” and she stuck to it!
Catherine first name isn’t Catherine!
Her and Austin made a video revealing secrets about themselves and she mentioned that Catherine is her middle name.
They didn’t mention her real name but Austin mentioned it’s like “delicious”
Random Facts:
Austin was the first in the relationship to say “I love you”.
(Play the clip from the Q N A at 17:20 where she says how it happened)
They both knew they were the one for each other since they met.
Catherine said she knew he was the one when he simply did gentleman acts like opening her door.
Austin has one blood related brother and two step brothers.
For the first half of Catherine’s life she was raised by her father and the other half until recently she was living with her mom in Tampa Florida.
Catherine first job was at Victoria Secret later moving on to scooping ice cream!
Austin used to drive an hour to school because his parents did not want him to go to public schooling. He went to a private school that excelled in academics and sports. His parents made this decision to ensure he had a promising future
(Post Secrets about us footage as BG)
Catherine played hockey, soccer, volleyball, and did swimming growing up.
Catherine is trilingual. She can speak English, Spanish, and French.

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