Canon 80D for Video

Published on 04 May 2018 / In Science & Technology

Is the Canon 80D your next video DSLR? Find out what I like about this new version of the Canon crop sensor line and what I don't. ► All gear linked below*.

Building on the Canon 70D, the 80D adds a few key features that we have been waiting for Canon to add for quiet awhile. The biggest of these (to me) is 60fps at 1080p. This means I no longer have to compromise resolution if I want to shoot slow motion footage.

Canon also finally added a headphone output to monitor audio that you are capturing with the 80D.

Other things I like about the 80D, the touchscreen really helps when shooting video because it's like a more traditional ENG cam that has access to most settings right on the body of the camera. Like the 70D, this is a great camera for those who want or need continuous auto-focus and now includes the ability to adjust the speed at which the focus pull occurs. ISO performance is improved a little with a new sensor and you now get an intervalometer for time-lapse shots built into the camera. And you can now change manual audio levels while recording.

Some things I don't like, still no 4K, still can't magnify the image while recording, no focus peaking or zebras for exposure and focus respectively. No native flat picture profile and 1080p 60fps is not available in .mov mode, mp4 only. And still no clean HDMI out.

Would I buy the 80D? If this was my first DSLR for video, yes because this is the best in the crop sensor line as far as I'm concerned. That said I haven't checked out Nikon's offerings to see if they have finally caught up. However you can get a 70D at a reduced price and be almost as happy with an image that is similar. So if budget was a major concern, I would look for a 70D. Also, at this price point, you can look at mirrorless cams such as the offerings from Panasonic and Sony. Depending on how you shoot, those may be much better options. Since I shoot YouTube videos by myself, the tilt screen is critical and Sony doesn't provide that in the a6300 otherwise that is the cam I would probably get. It has it's own limits.

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• Canon 28mm f2.8. ****://

• Sennheiser ew100 G2 Wireless Lapel Microphone ****://

• Sigma 30mm 1.4 ART (new, better version) B&H: ****:// Amazon: ****://

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• Transcend SD card 32GB Class 10 UHS1 ****://

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