How to tie a bandana (Kerchief)

29 Nov 2019

Watch Video how to tie a bandana

How to tie a Bandana - How to tie a bandana or headscarf

The Bandana Video Song:

20 years ago I wondered about how to tie up a bandana properly.

I discovered a great solution and then wondered why nobody else had used this method before.

So I researched the internet and I found out that there was nothing comparable.

So this is the reason for showing you all out there on a sunny Sunday in Berlin, Neukölln, how to tie up a bandana properly

So this bandana is 50 x 50 cm but it could be a little bit smaller so maybe 45x45 or 40x40

It depends on your head size and it is important that the diagonal width fits around your head.

And the back of the fabric is on the reverse and cannot be seen.

Check now that the nice side of the fabric remains visible.

So I hold the reverse of the bandana to my forehead and wrap it once around my head.

And make a tight double knot at the back.

Then I pull the upper half of the bandana to the back and pull it tight.

Pull the other half to the front and bring the sides over the ears.

The tighter the better.

Then I twist the front corner until it becomes tight.

And slightly under the eye brows.

Then I put it to one side. By rolling the bandana above my eyebrows the twisted piece will remain in place.

Tuck the back piece through the knot.

It will remain well secured. And that's it!

You can't tie a bandana any quicker!

Because I had this idea 20 years ago I made a CC on it today. That means everybody can tie a bandana like I do here.

But can not advertise with this method for a commercial use without attributing my name.

How to tie a Bandana by Frank Liborius Hellweg is under Creative Commons. Not commercial use without changing 3.0 Licence. On a content on YouTube. Permission beyond this license is available on request.

What is also quite nice is that it fits with my glasses quite well.

I would say this is the easiest way to tie a bandana properly.

And I am glad to show you this method today.

Thank you very much and do not hesitate to contact me on facebook or leave your comment here in case you have any questions.

Frank Liborius Hellweg

p.s.: become a Fan on Facebook and stay tuned for new designs.

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