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JMULV 2.5 Hour Question Answering Session - Timestamps in Video Description

Published on 31 May 2018 / In Entertainment

3:41 Thoughts on social media game
6:00 Story about Sonny Arvado
7:00 Personal view on Instagram game
10:00 How to start a pickup company
12:07 How to develop old habits and passions again
13:21 How to curve mental thought loops during the day
13:50 How to minimize flakes
15:40 How to get good at things in general
24:35 Dance floor game
26:41 Develop game skills or work on making money?
38:38 How to decrease flakes and increase you lay count
48:17 Advice for bad logistics
49:52 Sad thing about the pickup community
1:02:13 How to face negative thoughts while gaming a girl
1:05:15 How to improve kissing and fucking
1:08:35 Ever thought of filming the girls at your house & what is your inner game?
1:09:21 What is your venue selection?
1:15:45 Do you grab girls Instagram during day game?
1:16:55 Ways to improve sexual market value (SMV)
1:20:10 How to get really good with young girls?
1:21:40 Tips to game in Columbia.
1:22:25 How to open a 2 set?
1:28:55 How to jumpstart myself when I haven't been gaming in a long time?
1:31:24 How to bang girls without losing a boner
1:32:51 How to build a deep connection with girls?
1:35:45 Good qualifier
1:36:53 Best way to get a girls locked in on rotation
1:44:38 How would Jmluv game in a social circle setting?
1:46:03 What to do if a girl slaps you or throws her drinks at you?
1:48:10 What kind of game do you run after she says she has a boyfriend?
1:51:00 When should you leave the set
1:52:33 Thoughts on night game solo:
Thoughts on the journey of game?
1:53:47 General thoughts on the journey of game...breakups, plateaus, motivation?
1:59:20 How to isolate 1 girl from the group?
2:01:20 Dancefloor game
2:02:12 Will I ever go to Australia? How do you know when a girl will be loyal?
2:06:25 What are your religious beliefs?
2:07:18 How to make her come home after a date or a coffee date?
2:11:55 How many hours do you sleep?
2:23:17 Response time strategy for texting
2:27:08 How to figure out what you want to do with your life?
2:28:15 Would you trade your life for Dan Bilzerian's?
2:29:57 Best online dating product and what advice would you give to the 18 year old Jmulv and do you ever call the girl instead of texting?
2:31:53 How to screen dtf girls?

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