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This is How Boxing Corruption Looks Like (Manny Pacquiao x Jeff Horn)

Published on 03 Jul 2018 / In Gaming

This is How Boxing Corruption Looks Like (Manny Pacquiao x Jeff Horn) A Message of Thank You + The YouTube Demonetization problem:
I will take this opportunity to say thank you to those who helped this channel. 26.000 persons over there watching this videos. You know is not all about the money. I started this creating a random account just because of #MayPac. I don't like corruption. Of course then it started to make some revenue that's nowhere near to maintain anybody but was good enough to keep the long hours after my day-life worth.

Yesterday, without receiving even a message I got completely demonetized. On the YouTube Partner Program it says because of "Duplication". There're many cases on many different channels about other topics. I really don't think this is personal nor an attack from anybody against the channel. Is just YouTube being them. By the end of June they were going to review the monetization of smaller channels (you know that thing with the 1k+ subs and 4000 hours threshold). I think it may have something to do with this period. To make things shorter, basically I have a text saying "You can reapply to join the YouTube Partner Program in 30 days on Jul 13, 2018. Learn more" so if YouTube doesn't respond to my case (I sent feedback and Emails with the complete information about my channel) during this 30 days period I will try to reapply on July 13.

Here's the tweet I sent to Team YouTube if you wanna help boosting their attention. They responded but with an automated response, I asked a second time there also: https://twitter.com/ArtoriasBoxing/st...

I decided to post the last part of the documentary even if is not to be monetized because the most important thing about that series was the content not the revenue. 2 years on the making. The Time x Cost equalization with that is not something that I take in consideration. I have a commitment to end that I hope soon when Manny and Floyd retires for good. You can watch the video over here: https://youtu.be/ypu8tx8Y93s

To wrap things up. I have already 2 punch count videos, some short videos and a big GGG Canelo documentary on the go that was going to be published back on May before the Clenbuterol Gate. If there's no solution or maybe immediate solution for this problem the channel has I will post those 2 punch count videos. And about the future I don't want to be dramatic but I need to think about it. Thank you for those loyal ones and also for the new people here. I hope we can keep going with thing.

Thanks for reading this long ass text.

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