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Here's why MDC T President Nelson Chamisa will beat and bury Mnangagwa in 2018 elections

Published on 17 May 2018 / In News & Politics

Here's why MDC-T President Nelson Chamisa will beat and bury Mnangagwa in 2018 elections.
I was just wondering about the upcoming election and pondering on whether there are people still to be won over, so called floating voters.

The electoral dynamics in Zimbabwe are very interesting for political watchers.

What matters now is how the protagonists are engaging with the electorate and how their messages are being received, embraced or dismissed.

Nelson “Wamba” Chamisa went into the campaign cycle early to test the waters and from the crowds coming out to his rallies, he has greatly energized his social base with his message of and for Change.

Emmerson Mnangagwa has not yet hit the road and as such we are yet to measure the strength of his message and how the electorate will receive it.

However there are certain things that we can use to test the seriousness of those around him and their resolve to put up a strong message scaffolded by common sense as opposed to the Robert Mugabe arrogance of power attitude.

My original question is still as relevant today as it was a month ago because after watching the BBC Hard Talk interview on ZBC, the average Wamba supporter that I have spoken to is not bothered at all by how Wamba fared.

They seem committed to supporting him regardless and have declared that their vote is not negotiable.

These people have reasons for saying and thinking like that, their main issues like the lack of money in the banks have persisted regardless of Robert Mugabe’s demise.

This is a huge problem for the incumbent President and his team who haven’t been able to communicate with the voters why things haven’t changed.

Wamba is promising to sort out the money supply problem in two weeks. He argues that the real issue is lack of confidence in the system of governance.
He is referring to 2009 and how the GNU restored confidence in the banking and financial services sectors. It is fact that only the MDC-T can claim the fruits of the GNU whether rightly or wrongly.

You can never convince an average Zimbabwean voter otherwise because they enjoyed the fruits of that inclusive government.

So Wamba is basing his message on his government track record and he has the GNU Finance minister Tendai Biti on his side as a show of confidence to the multitudes turning up at his rallies.

Tendai Biti is credited with running a tight ship at the finance ministry, whether it was all down to him alone is a debate for another day.

In politics it is perception that matters especially when you are talking about complex matters.

Wamba’s opponent, Emmerson Mnangagwa has no such luxury, all his government ministers are tainted with wholesale corruption or have no decent track record to fall back on.

So the only cogent human tools that ED has are Constantino Chiwenga and himself, tools that also carry the bogeyman tag of the 2008 post-election violence.

Nelson Chamisa is selling himself and his party as the victim of that 2008 post-election violence and electoral fraud.

This is difficult to dismiss because the evidence is well documented and out there.

So I have argued to my elitist and social media friends that issues like lying about Trump’s $15billion and bullet trains pale into insignificance to an electorate that was once a victim of a ZANU PF campaign of terror.

The two are incomparable and that is what explains why his London trip and its Hard Talk baggage have not hurt Wamba.

It is easier for an average voter to believe that Wamba will sort out the money supply problem because the MDC-T is credited with having done exactly that in 2009.

The other side has not explained how they also contributed to that success and as such, what we do not know does not matter.

It is difficult for ZANU PF to claim anything from that period because they have their DNA all over the ruinous rule of Robert Mugabe.

They are the party founded by Robert Mugabe after all and they have not done anything to rebrand themselves as Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson did with New Labour in Britain.

The greatest tools that ED has are the huge team of technocrats and experts around his office and government.

However they have failed to communicate that message to the -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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