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Elijah I 10 Jul 2018
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Flying Snakes Attack People in Cincinnati! - Public Prank

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Flying Snakes Attack People in Cincinnati! - Public Prank
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Pranking it up with my friend JasonTheGreat777 and his kids using his magic spring snake trick to prank people in Cincinnati Ohio! We make this prank snake fly through the air in public to prank people on the streets.

I love having fun and filming funny pranks just for laughs! So sit back and enjoy watching my new funny video! Please give this a thumbs up and comment below what funny prank videos you want me to do next! I read your comments and pin my favorites. Prank your friends and family

Supplies and tools:

• Fake Snake
• Spring Snake
• Something to launch snake
• Canon G7x or Sony xd camera
• Friends

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Flying Snakes Attacking People in Cincinnati! - Public Prank

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