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Use Your Head - Integrate Bristol (Official Music Video) - dance to end gender violence

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This is the most uplifting thing you will watch this summer!. Kids and Ministers dance to end violence against women and girls.
Please support ****.integratebristol.org.uk by sharing this video. Kids from Integrate Bristol dancing and rapping to end violence against women and girls in groundbreaking new music video, featuring members of the public, politicians and celebrities.


Do the #useyourhead selfie and post it on our Facebook page!

Promoting #UseYourHead and sharing the video on social media is a great way to show your support. If you want to do more, then post a video response on our YouTube channel. Any kind of head dancing to the song would be amazing.

The young people who have been taking Bristol, the UK and even the world by storm, present this epic music video for their new energetic campaign song -- "we hope this will make people sit up, listen and take action." (Fahma Mohamed, Integrate Bristol Junior Trustee)

'Use Your Head' is the title of the song and the music video features people dancing and singing along to show their support for the cause to end violence against women and girls (VAWG). Politicians and Ministers including Jane Ellison, Minister for Public Health, Stephen Williams, Minister for Communities, Lynne Featherstone, Minister for International Development and Bristol's elected Mayor, George Ferguson all feature in the video. Other famous people include the Lord Mayor of Bristol, Bristol Magnum photographer Martin Parr and Northern Soul dancer and YouTube star Levanna McLean.

"It was important for us to feature famous individuals as well as members of the public to show the range of people willing to give their time and energy to contribute to the young people's message." (Oliver Zimmermann, director of the music video)

The video also features a vibrant array of characters, including break-dancers, the kebab sellers from Easton Take-Away, a lollipop man, members of the Women's Institute, the owner of Solanki Stores in Windmill Hill, a police woman on her horse and many more.

Rising YouTube star Naz Ahmed, also known as 'itsthatnazchick', features prominently in 'Use Your Head' and delivers the main campaign message with a feisty performance.

"We really want this video to go viral -- the more people that watch it and share it the better. A lot of hard work has gone into it and we all really came together and enjoyed ourselves. But this song is different from anything we have done before. It's a really catchy and upbeat track that gets people going. I'm really confident about the music video and the song's success in getting our message across." (Naz Ahmed, Integrate Bristol young person and rapper in the music video)

The young people of Integrate Bristol have had a stream of high profile projects. Having overcome at times fierce opposition, the charity has grown from a small group of four terrified teenagers in 2008, writing poetry about the then taboo subject of FGM, to a thriving group of over 100 young people to date. In 2010 -- 2011, thirteen girls from the project made a drama doc for radio that was featured on Woman's Hour; in 2011 -- 2012, twenty-seven girls made the award winning film Silent Scream that has since gone global, winning the 2012 First Light Young Voices Award and reaching well over 300,000 views on YouTube. In 2012 the young people also hosted a national conference for 300 delegates at Bristol University, featured on Newsnight and advised on a two parter for BBC Casualty and an episode of Law and Order. In 2013 they wrote and performed the critically acclaimed play My Normal Life, a production that placed female genital mutilation (FGM) firmly within the context of violence against women and girls (VAWG).

The music video was produced by Zed Productions and the song was co-written by Rosina Buck and Naela Rose, in collaboration with the young people of Integrate Bristol.

Copyright 2014 Integrate Bristol and Zed Productions Ltd.- we actively encourage people to embed or link to this video including audio on other web sites and blogs. However, we do not grant permission for this video to be downloaded and then re-uploaded elsewhere. We are very happy for people to use the music for creating video replies and responses. The music track 'Use Your Head' will be available for free download on iTunes very soon.

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