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Video Interior Painting & Waterproofing AapkaPainter Review by Mrs & Mr Nikhil | AapkaPainte

Published on 14 Jun 2018 / In How-to & Style

Video Interior Painting & Waterproofing AapkaPainter Review by Mrs & Mr Nikhil | AapkaPainter
Watch Mrs and Mr Nikhil, share their review of AapkaPainter and experience of getting interior house painting and waterproofing done at their beautiful residence in Bangalore.

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"Hello, I am Nikhil. This is Nisha

We got to know about AapkaPainter through a friend and what we were most concerned about was the quality of the paint as well as waterproofing. We needed someone who does waterproofing as well. We got a few quotes but waterproofing was only given by AapkaPainter. The engineer gave us good customer service and was really willing to help us out in every corner, so we got confidence in AapkaPainter and decided to go with them.

We had a couple of cracks before we painted our house, now it is completely filled. We even used to have water leakage earlier, once the crack filling was done, the house actually looks beautiful.

My dear wife wanted it to be done as quickly as possible, they gave us an estimate of four days, but the painters in-fact were able to do in three days flat. And they were exceptionally professional, for example, the wall over there, they had said three coats of paint, it did not look purple enough, and the painters went ahead and did the fourth coat as well and now it looks really nice. So the painters themselves take interest in making sure everything is perfect. Even after the payment was made, we had quite a few touch up jobs, primarily because we moved the ladder here and there and ended up breaking parts of the wall, and there is no hesitation whatsoever. Their professional etiquette is brilliant.

Both of us love doing up our house, we spent a lot of time choosing colours for our house, we had several disagreements to finalize a set of colours for the rooms. We were able to get this combination, where we had yellow, green and purple. So I think, it looks very refreshing at this point.

We generally like to travel quite a bit and pick up stuff as we travel. And we have a tendency to want to display it in the house. So we wanted very contrasting colours and luckily they had a colour consultant who came up with a lot of colours. They also had a document, that sort of had a rendering. it showed us how the house would look with this colour and that was really helpful. Initially, we had decided on a set of colours and after the rendering happened, we chose a completely different set of colours. So that was very helpful.

So, we would like to thank AapkaPainter for all the service they have given us and brilliant workmanship that had when painting in our house. "

AapkaPainter is the one-stop solution for your house painting needs right from interior painting, exterior painting, wall textures, stencil painting, wood and all kinds of custom painting.

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